Easter Egg Hunt


Unfortunately, our 2020 Easter egg hunt has been cancelled due to Covid-19

Egg Hunt at Home! 

As an alternative, we are offering pre-filled Easter eggs for sale on our online store. Click here to shop.

Each bag of 24 eggs is bagged at the farm with clean, gloved hands.

All plastic eggs were purchased and filled by a non-profit organization called The Sunny Bunny, which provides jobs for the handicapped and disabled.

WARNING: Contains small parts. Not for children under three years. Eggs contain toys and candy.

To offset the rising costs associated with hosting this event we will be charging $3.00 per participant.

Special thanks to “The Sunny Bunny”, a non-profit organization which provides jobs for the handicapped and disabled, for all our wonderful Easter Eggs.

Rules of the Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Due to the size of the contents of the eggs children must be a least 3 years of age to participate.
  2. Each Easter Egg Hunter is provided with one egg carton to fill with 15 eggs.
  3. Easter eggs are filled with candy and toys, some of which maybe inappropriate for young children.  We request that all young children be accompanied by an adult.